Getting Started Steps

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Getting Started Steps

Step One - Buy Domain Name and Setup Web Hosting

Befofre you can begin advertising you need to have a website. You can watch the video below on how to choose a domain name and setup your web hosting.
Video Here…
If you currently have your own hosting account, and know how to manage and setup things on your own. You can submit your username and password for your cpanel and we can setup your new website for you there… However, we will need you to set the DSN Servers for your new domain to point to your hosting account. If this sounds too complicated for you we suggest you get a basic hosting package from us at Speed Host Pro. it is only $9 a month and it will be much faster than hosting with Hostgator, GoDaddy, ETC… If you buy your hosting from us the setup and configuration is hands off for you and the setup will be much faster.
We do not support non cpanel hosing.

Step Two - Request Your Website

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